by Amber Graham/photos by Kelly Carr

This is one of my favorite projects of our series. I don’t scrapbook but wanted a way to save family keepsakes and memories throughout the year. This jar contains supplies to jot down memories quickly, provides a place to keep small mementos, and looks great while doing it!

Gather your supplies:

large jar
Mod Podge
blank gift tags
binder rings
fun pens/pencils
die cut labels (optional)

Print the year on a die-cut label. (Alternately, print on scrapbook paper or cardstock. Trim with decorative scissors if desired.)

Give the back of the label an even coat of Mod Podge.

Affix to the outside of the jar. Allow time for it to dry, then seal the label with a coat of Mod Podge.

Put the blank tags onto a binder ring. (You could skip the tags and binder ring and just add scraps of paper. I just like the look of the tags and the fact that the binder ring keeps things tidy.)

Use the tags to jot down things you want to remember: firsts, a funny comment by one of your children, the accomplishment of a family member, etc

Add throughout the year: ticket stubs from movies, concerts, or sporting events, snapshots, small souvenirs from travels, any trinket or token attached to something you want to remember. You might need a BIG jar!

Keep it in a place that is accessible and encourage your family to add to the jar.

And then

one afternoon or evening

at the end of 2012

build a cozy fire,

make some yummy treats,

fill some mugs with cocoa and…

reflect on the blessings of 2012!

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