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A Special Time of Family Worship at Easter-Part 1

As wives and mothers we often plan far ahead for special holiday times with our precious family and friends. Why not plan this year for a unique and special time of family worship in the week before Easter? Will you spend more time picking out your daughter's Easter dress and shoes or sharing with her what the first Easter morning was like? Read More

Can We Talk About Technology?

Can We Talk About Technology?
As stay at home moms, we can be tempted to “check out” at times and be more engaged with the outside world than our family. FB, Instagram, Pinterest, the news, texting, etc. allow us to roam without leaving our home. Although none of these things are bad, are we in need of "guardrails"??? Read More

Of Course He Does...

Of Course He Does...
My husband took my van on a short road-trip a while ago. While he was gone, I drove his suv--my former suv. The difference between the two vehicles is similar to the difference between a Lexus and an old, bouncy, obnoxiously loud, golf-cart. It got me thinking... Read More

Standout Suitcases!

Travel is in the air! With spring break right around the corner, you've probably already made your travel plans. Here's a quick, easy, and practical project to help identify your bags on the luggage carousel! Read More

You've Been Chopped

Have you even seen the Food Network show “Chopped”? The show starts with four nervous chefs competing to be the Chopped Champion. Each round sees one chef get chopped (no chefs were harmed in the making of the show, when they get chopped they just have to leave), sometimes for one, small mistake... Read More

A Legacy Worth Leaving Part 2

In this post Davaughn Conrad completes her thoughts on leaving a precious and lasting legacy for our children. Read More

A Legacy Worth Leaving Part 1

It’s normal to contemplate the frailty of human life after losing a loved one. Last week, I spent hours in the hospital while the Lord called a sweet sister in Christ home. I found myself assessing what my children would be left with if I were to suddenly lose my earthly life and gain my Heavenly one. Read More

Book Review: The Fitting Room by Kelly Minter

A great study in clothing ourselves in virtue. Full of wit and funny stories, you will find yourself wishing to hang out with the author. Read More

Best Ever Chicken Dijon

This recipe is easy enough to serve everyday and elegant enough for company! Read More

My Favorite Place to Pray

We live in a cozy home. It's not large but there are fifty different places I can pray. Though there are many possibilities, I have a favorite space. A space that I long to visit at the end of the day... Read More
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