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My name is Lori Merrill. I am the team leader of the Keepers Ministry. I, along with the Keepers Ministry team, have launched this site so that we could better serve the women that desire to live out the priorities that God has given us in His Word. Please grab a cup of tea and browse our site so you can learn about this exciting ministry. In the process, we pray you will be encouraged and challenged to be all that God has called you to be.

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Called to Be a Keeper is Life Changing.

"I attended the Keepers study for the first time many years ago. I learned about my God given priorities as a wife and mother. These teachings are timeless and apply to every season of a woman’s life." - M.B.

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The purpose of the Keepers Ministry is to teach, encourage, and minister to women while helping them find joy and contentment in God's call on their life as a Keeper.

Keepers Connection

Marriage: Give Your Complaints to God

Marriage: Give Your Complaints to God
Over the years and especially when our marriage was on rocky ground, I had thoughts. Not good thoughts. They were like drumbeats that I couldn’t rid myself of its rhythm. At times they were complaints…I need more. Other times they were the strums of discontent…I deserve better. You might identify with a few:

Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Jar
If I’m honest about my shortcomings, I don’t naturally have an “attitude of gratitude”. Yet, I desire to. So I am always looking for ways to strengthen this perspective in my life. It isn’t something that comes easily for me to share verbally either. With these two confessions, it’s obvious I need as much help as possible…thus the Gratitude Jar!

Tools for Contentment

Tools for Contentment
On Monday, I mentioned that we moved to the desert 8 years ago. That first year was tough and I struggled with discontentment.
I started dwelling on all of my negatives...I was not connected, my children didn't have friends, one of my children was struggling, we didn’t have a church home and we were away from family just to name a few.
During this time, the Lord taught me how to fight for a contented heart.

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