10 {Practical} Tips for Prayer

Posted by Carla Collier on 01/19/2012
by Carla Collier As Christians, we know how important prayer is, but often struggle to put it into practice. Here are some practical ideas to help revitalize your prayer life:  
  • Listen to praise music. My alarm clock is set to a Christian radio station. My first thoughts each day are from a song praising God and those words become my first prayer even before my feet hit the floor. I use those moments before I rise to praise God and commit the day to Him. This can revolutionize your day, especially if you are not a morning person! Listen to praise music during your day; it will create in you an attitude of praise to God.
  • The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17) -- since we don't live in a monastery, this must mean that God wants us to multi-task! I pray with my children before they leave for school (helping them to establish a habit of prayer) and then, as I walk on the treadmill, I pray for my husband and each of my children including prayer for specific character qualities to be developed in their lives. You don't have to shut your eyes to pray, so it is possible to pray as you clean, fold clothes, drive, garden, cook, etc. It can become a wonderful habit of sharing your thoughts, concerns, joys and sorrows with the Lord throughout the day. Lori Merrill refers to this as remaining in a spirit of prayer, in chapter two of Called to be a Keeper, when you talk to God all day long.
  • Find a prayer partner. Ask your husband or a Christian friend to pray with you daily or once a week (this could be over the phone or in person). There is a bond and special fellowship that comes from being unified in prayer. Look for a Moms in Prayer Group in your area (formerly Moms in Touch) which is where I found my prayer partners*.
  • Pray Scripture. The Word of God is filled with precious promises for us to claim. As you are reading the Bible each day during your quiet time, notice these promises and pray them back to God.
  • Pray specifically. Pray Help Susie have an obedient attitude about doing her homework, rather than, Help Susie be good, it will make the answers more evident.
  • Pray aloud or write out your prayers -- it helps to stay focused. Prayer is a spiritual discipline and we all struggle from time to time with focus.
  • Read biographies of Christian prayer warriors such as George Mueller, Gladys Aylward, George Washington Carver, or Corrie Ten Boom, to name just a few. As you read stories of God's faithfulness to others it will encourage and build your faith.
  • Keep a prayer journal so you can keep record of prayer requests and praises. This can become part of your biography! There is nothing that will strengthen your faith in God like seeing the power of God revealed in your life through answered prayer.
  • Persevere in Prayer. I have seen prayers answered the same day and others after years of prayer ... don't give up, God's timing is always perfect.
  • Don't think of it as one more thing to do, think of it as talking to your closest friend (John 15:15)--the One who created you, saved you, loves you and promises to never leave you or forsake you!
  What about you? We would love to hear about an idea or book that has helped you grow closer to God through prayer!     *(Resources: http://www.momsintouch.org/


Alesa Campbell Says:
January 19th, 2012 at 8:06 am
Excellent tips Carla!

dana curtin Says:
January 20th, 2012 at 9:11 am
I like the idea of how your prayer journal can become "your own biography"
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