10 Prayers for My Husband

Posted by Steph Whitley on 07/01/2019

One of my favorite answered prayers regarding my husband happened when we were young marrieds. I prayed for the Lord to provide a mentor for my husband. The Lord exceeded my expectations and provided a podcast by a preacher that my husband listened to for an hour daily while commuting to and from work.


1. CHARACTER: Help him to have strong integrity and to continue to grow in kindness, patience, humility and love.
2. MIND: Give him a strong and peaceful mind and help him to shape his worries and fears into prayers.
3. WORK: Bless the work of his hands, continue to develop his skills and build his reputation.
4. EMOTIONS: Help him to manage his emotions, to continue to grow in self-control and to be a responder and not a reactor.
5. FRIENDS: Give him godly friends to do this life with and a godly mentor that can speak truth into his life.
6. FUTURE: Guide him along the best path and fulfill Your plans and purposes for his life. 
7. FINANCES: Give him wisdom and discernment regarding finances as he makes daily decisions and decisions for our future.
8. SECRET SIN: If my husband has a struggle, give him the courage to bring it to the light so that healing can begin.
9. BALANCE: Help him to have a healthy work/life balance, to keep our family a priority and to take time to recharge.
10. SPIRITUAL: Continue to draw Him to You and to Your Word, to fight off self-reliance and to remember that You are looking for dependence.

Maybe you have prayed for your husband for a long time and you haven’t seen much change? Let us know in the comments if we can pray for you or your husband today! Hugs, Steph.

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