10 Things to Pray for Your Children

Posted by Lori Merrill on 06/10/2010

I just spent the week with over 200 people from my church at Middle School camp. As I reflect on the week I think about the times my own children attended church camp and how I prayed for God's work in their lives while they were away. Church camp was significant in my life. I still remember how God miraculously changed my life at church camp and how my life hasn't been the same since. Yes, there have been times that I have reverted back to some of my old struggles with sin that I had at that time, but never have I felt as hopeless and helpless as I did that summer when I was 14 years old and carrying the weight of a harsh world on my shoulders.

Because of my own experiences I know we serve a God that is capable of turning a cold and hardened heart (even at the age of 14) into a tender and responsive heart in a matter of seconds. I am evidence of that kind of miracle. So, as I have reflected on my very eventful and fun week at camp this past week I have also been reminded how very faithful our God is. He can do a mighty work in my life and in your child's life at anytime, but certainly church camp can be an opportunity unlike any other. It is an opportunity to be removed from all the distractions and hindrances of the world and be available to hear from our Lord and see Him in new ways. So, as you send your child off to camp this summer I hope you take seriously the importance of your prayers. Pray as the event approaches and commit to pray daily for extended periods of time while they are away. Speaking of praying for our children...this week I read a great article in InTouch Magazine about things to pray for our children. I thought I would share the abbreviated list with you.

Ten Things to Pray for Your Children by Mimi Greenwood Knight (InTouch Magazine)

1. For godly wisdom

2. For character

3. For a spirit of excellence

4. For humility

5. For a desire to know God

6. For direction

7. For favor

8. For discernment

9. For the right friends/spouse

10. For respect toward authority

As you pray for these things for your children, remember that God can move in mighty ways--no matter their age!

In His Love,



Carla Collier Says:
June 11th, 2010 at 7:49 pm

Thanks so much for the reminder of the importance of prayer for our children and the list of ways to pray for them. I too have a testimony of the way God used a Christian camp experience in my life in a powerful way, only for me it was a time of rededicating my life as a teenager. I will never forget the Bible teaching and the way the Holy Spirit convicted me of sins in my life that I needed to repent of. Thank you for the reminder that the work that God does in a heart is mighty, miraculous and instantaneous... sometimes we need that reminder that no heart is too hardened for God to change because nothing is impossible with Him!


Lori Says:
June 14th, 2010 at 3:02 am
That is awesome Carla! Thanks for the encouragement and affirmation you gave by sharing your experience as well! Blessings, Lori
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