5 Prayers for Your Husband

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/26/2018

Over the years, my husband has encountered stressful seasons and I am sure your husband has too. It's hard not to react when my husband is stressed, but these prayers help me to respond more and react less.
God, when my husband is stressed...
~help me to come alongside of him and be supportive and understanding.
~help me to remain calm and gentle and not take on his stress.
~help me to provide a haven for him to come home to so that he can unwind.
~help me to encourage him to take some time for himself so that he can recharge.
~show me how I can bless him and encourage him during this time. Amen.
If your husband is currently stressed, may God renew your strength each day and equip you with strength for this season. You are so loved. Steph


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