5 Tips for a Mom of a College Student

Posted by Lori Merrill on 08/24/2018

Dear Mom of a College Student,

There are many emotions that could present themselves to you this month or in the upcoming months, so my desire is to be a voice of encouragement while you walk through this stage of life. I am certainly no expert in this matter, but I do know what it felt like each year when I sent each of my three children off to college. Some prayerful suggestions to consider:

1. Have the right perspective--you want your children to grow up to become healthy spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. How you react to change could impact their health in these areas.
2. Trust God with what you have done to impart His Word into their lives and rest in your efforts. "Be still and know that He is God" (Psalm 46:10).
3. Be excited--think about your fun college experiences! If you made major mistakes in college it doesn't mean they will as well. So, don't let your mistakes become your fears.
4. Rejoice that the Lord has brought your child to this point in life and that your child has the opportunity to further their education.
5. Tell them you love them--every chance you get via the phone, text, or email! Well, maybe not EVERY chance, but at least a few times a week!

In His Love,


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