8 Prayers for Men and Boys

Posted by Steph Whitley on 12/12/2018

This photo was taken 8 years ago before we moved from Oklahoma to the desert. And now the boys are 18, 15, 13, and 11. 

I am recognizing that my husband and my boys are "doing life" in a world that can sometimes be harsh & quick to judge. And I am sensing that I need to cover them in prayer often.

Here are 8 prayers for our men & boys:
INTEGRITY: Help them to be men who choose to do the right thing and to be men who have a tight grip on their character.

WISDOM: Help them to continue to grow in wisdom, discernment (insight) and discretion (foresight).

HUMILITY: Help them to recognize their need for You and to remember You are drawn to the humble. 

REPUTATION: Protect their name. Build their reputation. Be a shield. Give them favor.

PURPOSE: Guide them along the best path for their lives and fulfill Your purposes.

COMPASSION: Help them to be noticers and to be extenders of Your grace and love.

RESPONSES: Help them to display self-control with their responses and to respond more and react less.

BRAVE: Help them to be bold and brave for You even when they feel uncommon.

Hugs to all of you praying wives, praying moms, and praying grandmas out there. Steph Whitley #calledtobeakeeper

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