A Likeminded Friend

Posted by Steph Whitley on 06/28/2019

I have encountered several lonely seasons whether it was moving in high school, becoming a stay-at-home mom or moving several times. My children have experienced lonely seasons as well and I bet you have too. Over the years, I have learned to pray for a likeminded friend and it comforts my heart to look back and see His provisions time and time again. It hasn't always been on my timetable but He has always been faithful. 

God wired us to do this life with Him and with others. So when we find ourselves in need of a like minded friend, let's keep persisting in prayer.

God, You care about the details of our lives. Give each of us a "deep-spirited" friend to do this life with---someone to walk through the highs and lows with.

Do you need prayer for yourself or for your child for this? Comment below or message us. We would love to pray for you. Hugs, Steph.

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