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Posted by Lori Merrill on 05/07/2010

As the nation celebrates and acknowledges Mother's Day this weekend I thought it would be appropriate for you to hear from one of our Keeper team members, Carla Collier. She obviously realizes the impact her mother had on her life. Most importantly her mother realized how very important it was to be a godly woman and mother. Thank you Carla and Janet for your example to us!

By Carla Collier

As Mother's Day approaches, I am reminded again of the immense blessing my mother, Janet Kem, has been in my life. I owe so much of who I am to her love, influence and training. I think the older I get the more I realize the ways that she has impacted my character, my values and my worldview.

My mother, Janet Kem

I am grateful that my mom is a Christian and was very intentional in teaching me about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. She and my dad shared with me the good news that I could be forgiven of my sins and have a personal relationship with God, and they helped me grow as a Christian by taking me to church, having family Bible lessons (we called them "family devotions") and memorizing scripture together. The Bible verses I memorized as a child have stayed with me through the years and have been a tremendous blessing as God has been able to bring them to my mind at times when I needed His words of instruction, wisdom and comfort. Another blessing that my mom gave me as a child was a love for praise music and hymns, which created a peaceful atmosphere in our home and car. I love the inspiring truths and the hope that is released in my heart when I sing praises to my God and King!

I have found that no matter how dark the valley I may go through, I can have inexplicable joy when I praise God in song. I am thankful that my mom passed on to me a love of reading and of good books. Mom read to us five children when we were young, and continued to read aloud books on family vacations and in the evenings. We didn't have a television which freed up a lot of time for games, puzzles, crafts and reading! Her favorite books were biographies which provided us heroes to inspire us to lives of service and accomplishment. Mom has continued to read to her 21 grandchildren and they can always count on one of her gifts to them at Christmas and birthdays being a new book!

One memory that always moves me is that Mom spent hour upon hour reading books onto cassette tapes for one of my sons who has dyslexia, because at that time she didn't live close to us and she wanted him to be able to enjoy books (by the way, he is an avid reader today)! I am also grateful that I have a Mom who prays. One picture in my mind I will always hold dear, is of my parents, heads bowed in prayer at the kitchen table. They pray every morning for each of their children and spouses and grandchildren by name, as well as missionaries and government leaders. Mom has always recognized that her strength comes from the Lord and so she is a prayer warrior. Someday in heaven I hope to see all the ways that her prayers have impacted multitudes of lives for eternity. These are just a few of the ways my mom has impacted my life, but added up they equal LOVE!

How about you? What is the legacy that your mom has left for you? Or maybe for you it was a grandma, a special aunt, or teacher that left an enduring influence in your life. I would love to hear about what they taught you or about the legacy YOU want to leave for your children and grandchildren.


Kaytlyn Johnson Says:
May 8th, 2010 at 5:10 am
My mom left me with the legacy of, all of the things around us are going to end soon; so spend as much time in the place where it matters most, being God's presence. Looking at her life, she was emotionally up and down for years...as I am getting older, the Lord is showing/telling me about him and moms relationship; what she longed for, what her heart desired, and her worries. With the hundreds of hours she spent in the hospital, God encountered her in a fresh way. From that moment on, all she wanted was to walk with him as best as she knew how. With me being so young at the time, I didn't understand a lot of things...Now I am able to see that God was working through her in more ways than one. She left the legacy to not put God in a box for my kids...just as she did for me. That I would desire for them to go higher places, greater depths, see things that I never imagined to see, and walk in deep intimacy with the Lord. The more the days pass of my mom going to Heaven, the more I realize how lucky I was to have a mom pave the way of freedom in my life; unselfishly laying down her own picture of Jesus, beliefs and theology.
Thanks jesus for a good mom & the time i got to spend with her :)

LoriMerrill Says:
May 18th, 2010 at 2:30 am
Thank you, Kaytlyn, for sharing with us and giving us a picture of what is truly important. It is a great reminder for all of us to truly live for eternal things!!!
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