A Poem of Thanks

Posted by Lori Merrill on 11/21/2018

Today I feel blessed beyond what I deserve,
I am grateful for you and others I get to serve.

We, the Keepers Team, have been given a choice
To use the Truth of God’s Word as our powerful voice.

So, we keep writing, day after day
And how pleased we are when you “like” what we say.

Daily we pray, ponder, plan and write
So that we glorify God and point to what’s right

For we know any good we have, comes from above
He uses the gifts of His children to express His great love

It is God whom we treasure and seek to please
And it is you, our readers that we want to appease

With words that will encourage and bless each of you
When we point you to Who is holy, faithful and true

What a joy and privilege to do this in Jesus’ name
Our utmost desire is to bring Him glory and fame.

So thank you to all who follow along; you are a delight,
We are so grateful you help us to shine His bright light

Today when I give thanks it is for God and for you
Because of both, we will continue the work we were called to do

Grateful, Thankful & Blessed is what we feel today
For this little space of social media where we can say 
Happy Thanksgiving Day!

From Lori, Steph & Keepers Ministry Team (poem by Lori Merrill)

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