A Sibling Prayer

Posted by Steph Whitley on 05/29/2020

I can remember when two of my boys struggled to like each other. I gave consequences. I gave talks. And one day I even tried to “facilitate” a positive discussion. I brought them together and said “Tell me one thing you like about each other”. Well, that totally backfired because one popped off “nothing”. But I kept praying for them. Prayer can change hearts. Would you believe those two boys are actually very close these days? I’m so thankful.

We are heading into summer and our children have been together for quite some time. Even if your days consist of squabbles, bickering or refereeing, keep praying for them. It’s your greatest tool.

give my children tender hearts towards one another.
give my children common ground and common interests.
give my children hearts that desire to chase after peace and overlook offense.
and last of all, help them to be great friends.

Motherhood can be exhausting at times. Renew our strength each day, Lord.

We have prayer cards for moms and a devo for moms.

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