A Word about Schedules

Posted by Steph Whitley on 02/22/2019

This photo was taken of us at a restaurant for my birthday earlier in the month.

I had a season when I was overextended with my schedule doing ministry. I was capable of juggling it all but unfortunatley it was at my family's expense. When they arrived home from school, I had used all of my mental energy on others. And sometimes my boys were getting a grumpier version of me instead of my best version. Because I have a tendency to overextend myself, I have to intentionally guard my schedule. When I am contemplating adding a commitment I ask myself:

"Can I add this to my schedule and still have enough mental energy for my family?"

I like to remind my heart often that serving my family is my greatest ministry but here's the deal...
-Serving my family may not always include verbal appreciation.
-Serving my family may include endless and mundane tasks but it's a privilege given only to me.
-Serving my family is always valued by God and it's always "kingdom work".

God, we can be pulled in many directions doing "good things" but help us to remember our greatest ministry is at home. Help us to guard our schedules so that our families get our best versions. Amen. 
Hugs to you all, Steph Whitley

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