Abiding in Christ

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/30/2019

Many of us are familiar with the "love chapter" in the Bible. The truth is we can't love like this unless we are abiding in Christ. We need God's constant help to love others well. Here are a few prayers we can whisper throughout our day...

God, help me to put on gentleness, kindness, humility, patience and love again and again.

Help me to be agreeable, to be reasonable and to be consistently kind.

Help me to be slow to anger, slow to take offense and slow to be critical. (Repeat this one again. ha!)

If you need prayer for your marriage, comment or message us. We have a team that prays. Hugs, Steph

This photo is from our Called to be a Keeper Bible study. Check out all of our Bible studies, devotionals and prayer cards in our shop. 

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