Answers to Life's Key Questions

Posted by Lori Merrill on 03/15/2018


Do you ever wonder…

    • Does my life have meaning and purpose? Am I fulfilling that purpose?
    • What is my role as a woman and God’s priorities for me, and does the Bible clearly spell that out?
    • What does a godly woman look like?
    • How do I balance my life and all its activities and still grow as a woman of God?
    • Am I missing the secret to contentment as a woman? 
    • Does the Bible really answer these questions?

If you have wondered about these questions for yourself, then you will want to watch this 2:01 video to learn all about the Called to be a Keeper Bible study.

We believe you find the answers to these questions in God's Word, but this study points you to the specific verses. It helps you to learn for yourself what God's Word has to say to us as women.

Join us as we are “Learning and Living God’s Priorities" together. Watch the About Keepers video. You can read more details and order in our Keepers Shop.




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