Be Your Child's Biggest Encourager

Posted by Steph Whitley on 12/09/2020

I’m a mama to four boys—- three teens and one college kid. Sometimes I can be a a slow learner. I’m coming to realize I have a tendency to micromanage my son that’s wired differently than me. He is a great kid with lots of strengths but he’s okay with being a little late and he’s ok with procrastinating. And this can drive me a bit bonkers. I’ve had to learn to chill, to let him manage himself and to lovingly let failure be his teacher. Because if I don’t... I will hurt my relationship with him. He needs acceptance from me and he needs encouragement from me. I want my voice to be one that strengthens his soul.

God help me to...

🧡 ACCEPT my child as he/she is and quit trying to change him/her.
🧡 REMEMBER You have designed my child with
strengths and gifts to offer his world.
🧡 ENCOURAGE him/her more and fault find less.
🧡 FIND common ground/interests with my child.
🧡 PRAY for my child’s path knowing You have great purposes for him/her.

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