Being Intentional with Your Husband

Posted by Steph Whitley on 01/21/2021

I have good intentions with my husband but often times I get sidetracked with my to do list and the kids. I took the Called to a Keeper Study in my 20s. It gave me practical ideas for blessing my husband. Here are a few...

1/I can ask him if there is something I can do for him each morning.
2/I can ask him if there is something I can be praying about for him each day.
3/I can look for opportunities to encourage him with my words or maybe write him a note.
4/I can look for opportunities to draw near and spend time with him.
5/I can be a safe haven for his heart at the end of the day and take time to listen.

God, help me to be intentional with my marriage. Help me to look for ways to be a blessing to my husband daily. Amen.

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