Book Review "Glory Days" by Max Lucado

Posted by Lori Merrill on 07/13/2017


Looking for a good summer read? Need some encouragement? Would you like a deep spiritual lesson without deep concentration? Then this book is for you!!

What I loved about this book was Max’s ability to take the book of Joshua and walk me through it as if I were on the journey with him. I understood, in a new way, this timeless book and the journey God’s people took to get to the Promised Land. I saw myself with them, struggling today as they did then. The issues that caused the fear in them are different today, but produce the same insecurities and lack of trust in all of us.

As the children of Israel journeyed from Egypt through the wilderness and then to the promised land of Canaan, I recognized my own failures as a believer to trust my Sovereign and All-Powerful God. One of the benefits of this book is the way we can apply the lessons of their day and time to us in our time, even right now! With ease, Max transfers their struggles to our struggles resulting in so many “ah-ha” moments.  While reading this book I was encouraged, enlightened on spiritual lessons and challenged to trust God more. And that, my friend, can never be a bad thing! 


Lori Merrill

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