{Book Review} Six Ways to Keep the Good in your Boy

Posted by Carla Collier on 05/28/2012
By Dana Curtin Good and boy are words all mothers of sons hope will be linked together when referring to their offspring. As the mother of two of the male persuasion I feel I can attest to this personally!   Danna Gresh, author of Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl, Lies Young Women Believe, and the bestseller And the Bride wore White, has ventured into the domain of the unique mother-to-son relationship with her new book, Six Ways to Keep the Good in Your Boy.   Gresh, who is the mother of a grown son, gives very practical advice on how mothers can help guide their sons in the critical ages of 8 to 12 toward good. The first section of the book addresses becoming a connected mom and why connecting with your tween son matters.   She also includes a chapter called, Warning: Male Brain on Testosterone Straight Ahead. Gresh does a great job of explaining the bath of hormones --dopamine which is the risk-taking hormone and testosterone which helps him to become more aggressive-- that our sons are going through during puberty.   Part two of the book addresses the Six Ways which include: Get him outside to play, Give him a book, Host wing nites and fantasy football parties, Celebrate his entrance into manhood, Unplug him from a plugged-in world (Gresh tends to get a little bogged down in statistics here, but still very convicting), and Let him open the car door for you.   Gresh has not overlooked the fact that many moms are raising their sons without a father in the home. Author Angela Thomas, a single mom herself, steps in and addresses this perspective in each chapter. Gresh's husband, Bob, also lends his insight from a dad's view throughout the book.   Each chapter ends with a page where the reader can journal how they will begin to put each practice into place, a prayer and scripture.   Moms, make no mistake, there is a battle going on for our boys. The good news is we play a vital role in them becoming the compassionate, caring and courageous young men God has intended for them to become. We will help shape the husbands and fathers they choose to be. Gresh's book helps by presenting a practical plan and wisdom for us all.   Six Ways to Keep the Good in Your Boy can be found on Amazon and through Gresh's website www.purefreedom.org. (Dana serves the Keepers website as a contributing writer. Her hobbies are reading, scrapbooking and taking long nature walks with her husband and three children.)
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