Breakfast at the Bus Stop

Posted by Renee Corley on 08/28/2012

Hospitality: not just opening your home to others, but opening your heart. Amy Wood (Keeper's Hospitality Skill Session)

When our daughter entered first grade, we had just moved into our new home. Our street was not fully developed and we were the only family with an elementary school child who rode the bus. Conveniently, our public school added a new bus stop right in front of our house. For the first year, our daughter was the only child to be picked up at our house. However, one by one our street grew with new families and kids have grown old enough to ride the bus, including our son. Most mornings we go out to the bus stop, along with many of the other parents, to see our kids get on the bus, but also to visit with the other families on our street. One morning a few years ago, I thought it would be a fun idea to have all the families join us a few minutes earlier and have Breakfast at the Bus Stop. The kids and the parents both loved the idea and our first breakfast was a success. After that, we decided to do this a few times a year, usually once at the beginning of the school year, once in the fall before the weather gets too cold, and at least once in the spring. Siblings and parents (yes, even the dads!) join us as well. Our breakfast is simple. It is hospitality outside the box. We welcome neighbors into our home, into our garage, onto our driveway, and into our yard. Several years ago, my husband made a rolling cart to keep in the garage with storage bins for our kids outdoor toys, etc. For our "Breakfast at the Bus Stop" mornings I place a piece of cheap fabric over the top and roll it to the end of the driveway. We use whatever paper plates and cups we have leftover in our pantry from the latest baby shower, graduation or event we hosted or bought on sale (thanks, Amy Wood, for allowing me to get rid of my extras!). Everyone brings whatever dish they would like usually donuts, muffins, OJ or milk, breakfast burritos, croissants, or fruit.   We met some new neighbors this morning and hope that these new friendships will lead to opportunities to share Christ's love with them. Hospitality: not just opening your home to others, but opening your heart. I love my neighbors.

"Breakfast at the Bus Stop" expanded:
  • Our daughter has since moved on to middle school and doesn't ride the bus any more. She has missed our Breakfast at the Bus Stop, so last year I took her carpool girls to an inexpensive local cafe/diner before school one morning to have our own Breakfast Club.
  • We have an ice cream social at another family's house one afternoon during the last week of school.
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