"Building" our Homes

Posted by Steph Whitley on 11/06/2019

I think all of us want to be women who "build" our homes. We will all fall short at times and lose our way. Praying and hiding God's Word in our heart can help us to be more like the wise woman. One question we can ask ourselves is "Who am I consistently". 

Here are some "go-to-prayers" we can pray over ourselves throughout the day.

God help me...
-to be reasonable and even-tempered.
-to be consistently kind to everyone.
-to be a responder and not a reactor.
-to speak words that make souls stronger.
And if I lose my way, help me to begin again with gentleness. Amen.

There are 9 cards with 17 scriptures. This scripture set is available at in the shop for 10.00 plus free shipping. Consider memorizing one verse a week and keep your card near your kitchen sink, in your bathroom, or in you car. Hugs to you all. Steph.

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