Christmas Tour of Traditions with Lori

Posted by Lori Merrill on 12/17/2015


Hello Friends,

This is such a special and fun time of year. I thought it might be fun to share something a little different on today’s post. I love getting ideas from others on what they do, why they do it, and how they do these things. I was thinking you might be like me and enjoy this too! So, today I want to share a few glimpses of my traditions at this time of year. I hope you enjoy! 

Just to warn you—I am NOT a photographer and I KNOW that, so I apologize in advance. Now for the tour...

My entryway…Welcome! I like for people to be greeted with a verse as a welcome so this seems to work! I have had this verse almost the whole year!







Our stairway is at the front entrance as well. I hired someone to make this garland for me about 5 years ago. I loved the crosses on the bows and the lights in the garland.


I love, love, LOVE nativities… (Willow Tree Nativity ; Ampersand tray is from the Mary and Martha Home Collection from )







The nativity below is by a local artist that makes a new piece every year to add to the collection. The pieces are so unique…each one is hand made and all different colors of yarn are used. (Nativity pieces sold individually online







 And the most important one. My son Jonathan made this for me when he was a wee little man. And for those of you that have seen my Jonathan…that was a long time ago!







I am not much of a collector, but the first piece in this Sugar Town set was given to me when I was newly married and then we found subsequent pieces on sale and it all started from there! (Precious Moments Sugar Town Collection






My tree has always been decorated with my children’s ornaments and memory ornaments (those ornaments that reminded us of their year). We didn’t begin the memory ornaments until they were in high school, but it sure has been fun! Last year, because of time (we had two engagements and a graduation party within 3 weeks), I chose to run to the local craft store late one evening and grab these burlap flowers, bead sprays and fluffy, feathery things (don’t know what they are called) and put it all together. I bought the ribbon and a friend made a beautiful bow for the top. I liked it so much that when I needed something quick again this year I just used it again. 


I like to keep my mantle simple because I want the focus to be on the stockings.





 It took me one whole year to make each stocking, but it was worth the time to me. I hope my family will cherish them forever. I have to get busy because I need to make two more for the members we added to our family this year!

And Boone is of course enjoying the mantle and fireplace ambiance, too.



I enjoy bringing out the old Christmas photos of my children each year. I place them around the house anywhere I can find a place.







 Quick glances of treasured pillows…



Steve’s grandmother used to make these spritz cookies and then Steve’s dad, then Steve began making them after we were married.  Now, Joshua, my son makes them. I hope the tradition always continues…







I hope this helps you to get to know me a little better, but also give you some ideas. Through doing this, I think you will see what is important to me. The Lord, my family and my home…

In His Love,




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Pam Says:
December 18th, 2015 at 9:16 am
Your house is always so warm and lovely with reminders of Christ throughout. Thanks Lori. I did miss a picture of Tucker!
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