Connecting with Our Families

Posted by Steph Whitley on 11/04/2019

Last year, my son was a senior and he came home at 12:30 each day. I scheduled my day so that I could have lunch with him before he got busy with homework and activities. Some people might have thought I was silly and some days my son probably thought to himself "oh, brother". Ha! However, I am so thankful I had that time with him because now he's at college 15 hours away. 

I am not always intentional with connecting with my husband and children, but I do have a running list of questions that I ask myself often:

-"Am I talking at my child more than I am taking time to listen to his heart?"
-"Am I taking time to draw my husband's heart and really listen often?”
-"Am I being intentional about spending time with my husband and each of my children?”

And if I'm struggling to connect with a child, I pray and ask God to give me common ground/interests with that child.

God, help us to slow down and take time to connect with our people. Help us to find ways to connect this week. Amen.

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