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Posted by Steph Whitley on 04/17/2019


I can remember meeting Lori Merrill, author of Called to be a Keeper, for coffee last Fall. We were at a cute coffee shop in Scottsdale, Arizona chatting about ministry work. As we talked, Lori asked me, "Why haven't you written a book?" She said, "I really think you should and I will help you.” I fumbled to find an answer that day. But God used that conversation to inspire me to start writing the pages of this devotional. And my friends and family have been so kind to encourage me along the way.

We all need encouragment, don't we, to be brave with our gifts?  
-I think some of us struggle to recognize our gifts. 
-I think some of us struggle to be brave with our gifts.
-I think all of us need encouragment to use our gifts. 

Sweet friend, just a little reminder today that God made you on purpose for a purpose. He has given you gifts and strengths to offer this world. And when you use your gifts to serve others, you will impact your joy. Maybe you are good with children, photography, baking, gardening, writing or etc. Here's a little nudge to think about your gifts and strengths this week.

Our hopes and prayers for this devotional is for God to get it into the hands of moms in the trenches that need encouragement. Would you help us? Each page includes a practical tool, prayer & scritpture. Available in the Keepers Shop



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