Daily Prayer Prompts for Moms

Posted by Steph Whitley on 09/05/2018

When it comes to our children, it can be overwhelming to know where to start to pray. I created a weekly prayer guide to pray specific things over my boys. Maybe you would like to create a weekly calendar for your children?

You may laugh, if you have a five year old to be praying for his/her mate. But choosing a mate is one of their biggest life decisions, maybe the biggest, so it's never too early to start praying. : )

MONDAY/FRIENDS: Give my child a deep spirited friend, help my child to walk with the wise, and remove any ungodly influences from his/her life.

TUESDAY/CHARACTER: Help my child to be a leader, to have strong integrity, to grow in wisdom & to have his/her life in step with You.

WEDNESDAY/KINDNESS: Help my child to grow in humility, compassion, mercy & love, to notice others and to look for opportunities to do good.

THURSDAY/EMOTIONS: Help my child to develop self control and to learn to manage his/her emotions, to be a responder and not a reactor and to be even-tempered.

FRIDAY/MATE: Give my child discernment and clarity in choosing a mate, to be drawn to a godly mate that is kind and has strong character, and help my child not to discount any red flags.

SATURDAY/FUTURE: Fulfill Your purpose and plans for my child's life, guide him/her on the best path & help my child to recognize his/her strengths and gifts.

SUNDAY/HEART: Give my child a teachable heart, a tender heart for You, and a tender heart for us. Expose any rebellion taking root.

We will never be perfect parents, but we can be praying parents. You are so loved.

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