Dare To Be The "Mean Mom"

Posted by Lori Merrill on 04/03/2018


Have you ever heard those words that kids love to say, “Everyone else gets to…” or “I’m the only one who doesn’t have…” or “That’s not fair!” Or maybe you have heard this as well, “You are so lame/strict/mean/(fill in the blank), Mom!” 

When I was young I thought all those things growing up, but didn’t dare say them out loud. And while raising my own three children I guarantee I heard at least a few of these. I didn’t like hearing it, but deep down I can honestly say it gave me a little bit of satisfaction at the same time.

Hearing those words stung at first, but then as I turned it over to the Lord, the thought swept through my mind, “It’s okay to not be popular with them as long as you are seeking Me in your parenting.” 

So, I want to encourage you to keep being “that mom” (even if the label is “mean”) that cares enough to: 

1. Protect their mind by monitoring what goes into their eyes and ears, no matter their age. 

2. Allow them to experience disappointments & failures in life. 

3. Make them work for what they want and sometimes, for what they need. 

4. Let them be mad at you for the right reasons. 

5. Be a parent instead of a friend. 

No matter whether you have a toddler, tween, teenager or college student in your home these principles can be put into practice. Most importantly, God can give you the strength to do it.  

As we focus on some Principles of Parenting this month, we will go through each of the five points previously listed and I will share insights and ideas about each one. I hope you are encouraged and blessed as a parent and as a mom who dares to be "mean” when mean looks like this!  

In His Love,


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