Father's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Lori Merrill on 06/08/2016


Father’s Day is less than 2 weeks away and for me, this is a hard day to find new and creative ways to bless the two men in my life that I want to honor. It has always been a challenge, but the older I get the harder it is. So, for today’s post I hope that we, as a team, can get your creative brain juices flowing. I hope you will share some of YOUR ideas as well so we can all help each other honor the men in our lives who are Fathers.

One of my favorite things that my children have done was to make a “Riesens I Love You” jar. They made this for their grandparents many years ago, but it could easily be adapted for Father’s Day.

  1. Have your children write the reasons they love their daddy on each slip of paper.
  2. Or write it for them if they are too young.
  3. Attach the slips of paper to each piece of candy.
  4. Present the jar with a card or sign that says, “The Many RIESENS I Love You!”

Supplies needed: Riesens candy, slips of paper, fade proof pen, single hole punch, ribbon to tie paper slips to the candy, jar (we used a plain jar, but it would be cute to decorate a jar as well).


Other ideas from the Keepers Team:

Sentimental Connections:  Don’t miss this great article Leigh Ann shared about a different way to think about Father’s Day and how to connect with your father, maybe even in ways you haven’t thought about. The article is from Family Life by author Rob Flood and is “Honoring Your Father through Your Senses.”   

Paige shared this great gift idea which sounds like a bargain! I looked online to make sure it is still happening and it is. Sephora offers a box of 12 best-selling sample colognes for a great price. Once you purchase the box, you will find a voucher inside to redeem a full size bottle of the cologne of your man’s choice. They offer this for women as well, which is how Paige came to know about it! This is a way to try the fragrances over time and then settle on a favorite.  

Photo Barn, Shutterfly and other photo companies are a great resource when you have babies and young children. I have used Photo Barn for gifts for my newly married children in the last year.

We, as a team, are still in need of some great ideas so please take a moment to share some of your favorites. We would love to hear about them or see some pictures! 

In His Love,



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Lori Says:
June 9th, 2016 at 7:28 am
Another great idea is a gift called a Man Crate. I have purchased this for a couple of my family members and it is so fun for the men to receive and open. Opening is part of the fun!!! Go to ManCrates.com to check it out!

Irene Says:
June 9th, 2016 at 8:35 am
Lori- last year I found an old photo of my father, me my brother posing on his motorcycle long ago. My kids recreated the same pose this spring w their grandpa. We have framed it and wrote sweet scripture on the back with a note and will send it to him this yr. I know he will love it!
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