Feeling Frazzled

Posted by Lori Merrill on 10/15/2018


There were many times in my life that I felt frazzled and life was way too hectic. These were the instances that it was necessary for me to revisit the priorities that I wholeheartedly believed in. They literally helped me to define my days. God’s Word, through Titus 2 & Proverbs 31, had given me a passion to learn these truths and then later teach them to other women. So, when it felt like I lived in chaos instead calm, these were the questions I would use to pinpoint the problem:

• God (Priority #1)—Am I spending daily time in God’s Word and in prayer?
• Marriage (Priority #2)—Am I living as if my husband is my #1 human priority?
• Children (Priority #3)—Am I viewing my children as an inconvenience or a blessing?
• Home (Priority #4)—Am I able to keep up with the management of my home so it is a haven instead of a hazard?

The answers to these questions would direct me to an area of weakness or a current struggle. Then I could take that area to God in prayer and ask Him to give me wisdom as I recorded the changes that needed to happen. And even though my priorities look a little different today (since my children are grown), this little self-imposed quiz is what I still find helpful to reveal any area that needs my attention. 

Lord, help us to steward well what You have entrusted to us. And keep me mindful of how blessed I am for these blessings You have given me. Amen. 

In His Love,

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