For Glory and For Beauty

Posted by The Keepers Ministry on 03/04/2014
Lit Candles and Camellias on Small TableHave you ever read the description of the official garments that were to be created for Aaron in his office as High Priest? It’s very interesting to try and visualize his raiment.  Following that description is one directing the design of his sons' tunics, sashes and caps for their roles as priests. It is in this passage you find the phrase, “…for glory and for beauty.” Exodus 28:40 Because we’ve been praying about composing a series of posts dealing with the décor of our homes, this phrase had particular meaning. It reminds us that the Lord is interested in both glory and beauty. We see that in His creation, of course, but in this case He was directing His people how to be creative in a way that was pleasing to Him. Wouldn’t we all like to do that very thing in our homes? That’s what this collection of posts will be about. Frankly, it’s a bit tricky. We want to encourage, delight, spark creativity and imagination and help you to fashion the kind of home you envision for your family. At the same time we want to be very careful not to cause you to feel that you must have a “perfect” home (whatever that is) or cause you to feel envy or outspend your budget. Our hope is that these posts will weave together:

-tips and tricks of the trade -basic design solutions -project ideas -answers to design dilemmas -ideas for any budget -and... your participation

And that the end result will be that together we help each other fashion our homes to be created “for glory and for beauty.” Look for the first of these posts coming soon!
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