Four Resurrection Ideas for Your Family

Posted by Steph Whitley & Leigh Ann Hudson on 03/22/2018


As a child, I remember Easter being a time for getting a new dress and new shoes. One year I even got a real bunny. Now that I have four boys, I have tried to find creative ways to focus on Jesus during Easter.

Here are a few ideas I have used and I am still looking for ways now that they are older. Maybe consider using one of these or share your ideas with us! : )

1. Resurrection Garden (as shown in photo): Collect items from your yard or garden to make this and use it as a centerpiece. Picture and details provided at

2. Resurrection Rolls: Serve on Easter morning. Ingredients: crescent rolls, large marshmallows, cinnamon & sugar, & butter. Dip marshmallows in butter and then cinnamon & sugar mixture, wrap in crescent rolls, & bake as directed on package.

3. Resurrection Eggs: Use 12 days leading up to Easter or you can have your child open them all in one day. Purchase these or make your own

4. Three Bowls & a Crown of Thorns: Sit out a bowl of almonds, a bowl of figs, a bowl of toothpicks, and a crown of thorns made from a grapevine wreath. Talk to your children about how we are to bear fruit for Christ and how we need to repent when we mess up. You can read more about this at (The article is called 3 Bowls & a Crown of Thorns).


Steph Whitley


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