Give Thanks to the Lord

Posted by Maria Derminio on 11/19/2018

In 1943 Norman Rockwell painted Freedom from Want. This is one of four paintings used to boost American moral during World War Two. Over 70 years later it continues to encourage us to acknowledge our blessings and give thanks.

“Give thanks in all circumstances.” I Thess. 5:18 All circumstances? It is easy to be thankful for good health, family and friends, but to give thanks for trials- my husband had a stroke, my daughter suffered three miscarriages, the devastation after Hurricane Florence, inner-city crime, political strife... To be thankful when life is hard is not easy for me. 

But scripture encourages me to give thanks and the Lord gives the strength- “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.” Psalms 18 

Giving thanks moves me from a spirit of anxiety and bitterness to trust in God and to look for hidden blessings. Focusing on how God has worked and knowing He is in control, helps me to have a spirit of thanks. Meditating on Romans 8:29 also brings peace during trials. 

Rockwell’s painting reminds us of Thanksgiving, family, and love. But it also reminds us, in the midst of trials and uncertainly, to look for and “give thanks in all circumstances.” 

Please see Norman Rockwell's painting here


Maria Derminio has been married for 41 years, and has 6 grown children and 9 grandchildren. She and her husband are involved in a marriage mentoring program and teach young married couples in their church.

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