God Cares About Our Loneliness

Posted by Steph Whitley on 02/08/2019

When we moved to the desert 8 years ago, I enountered a fairly long season of loneliness. I had mustered up enough courage to attend a Bible study and a mom's group but I still felt alone because I wasn't connecting outside of these groups. The Lord helped me to shift from "why am I not being invited" to "who can I invite".  

-I started inviting ladies from my moms group to coffee.
-I rolled down my window and asked a mom to coffee during "school pick-up".
-I stepped up to lead a table in my mom's group.
-I even followed a kid home from the bus stop & rang his doorbell to ask his mom if her son could play with mine.

Now, please hear me...I am an introvert so you know it was the Lord that helped me to be brave. And I may encounter another season of loneliness but now I know to look around and see "who can I invite?".

God, in our lonely seasons...
-help us to keep reminding our hearts that You see and You care.
-help us to keep praying for likeminded friends to do this life with.
-help us to keep being brave and look for opportunities to invite. Amen.

Hugs to you all, Steph Whitley

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