God, Help Me Affirm My People

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/12/2018

If you are a mom, does this sound familiar...

"Fix your hair...Grab your water bottle...Stop fighting...Hurry up...Get in the car...Finish your homework...Don't touch him...Brush your teeth...Don't look at him!" 
Can anybody relate??? : )

The days can be busy and often times I find myself getting into manager mode, referee mode, or even drill sergeant mode. Sigh. The truth is I can go through my days in "task mode" if I don't remind my heart to slow down and pay attention to the unseen. 

For today, God help me to slow down and bring attention to my children's strengths.
For today, God help me to whisper a word of encouragement.
For today, God help me to take time to listen to my child's heart.

God, today is sure to be busy and maybe a little hectic but help me to slow down and focus on the "unseen". And when I do this day after day, my children feel noticed, loved, and valued. Steph


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