God, Help Me Give My Worries to You

Posted by Steph Whitley on 05/24/2019


This year includes a lot of change and transitions and adjustments for our family---some good, some hard.

If I am not careful, I can get stuck focusing on my worries or fears.

I am attempting to speak God's truth to my heart more than focusing on my fears.

The one truth that calms me the most is whispering this truth to my heart again and again...

"God, our case is in Your skilled, loving and good hands. I trust You."

Whenever we have an anxious heart, let's keep reminding our hearts that there are no boundaries to His greatness and power.

God, thank You that You are with us and for us. Thank You that You are always working and orchestrating even when we can't see it. God, help us to keep speaking truth to our hearts. Amen. Hugs, to you all, Steph

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