God, Help Me Manage My Distractions

Posted by Steph Whitley on 02/13/2019

I have had seasons when I did not manage my distractions well. I was getting distracted with my phone whether it was checking the news, social media, texts or emails.  
I have found a couple of tools to help me manage my distractions but if I am not careful I can lead a distracted life instead of a prayer-filled life.
Here are 2 tools that are helping me to check-in with God more and the world less... 
1/ In the mornings, I set my phone on the counter with the ringer off sothat I can intake God's Word. His Word steadies me and readies me for the day.  
2/ I set a timer on my phone for Facebook/Instagram. This helps me to be more intentional with my time and keeps me me from scrolling endlessly and aimlessly.

God, help each of us to manage our distractions well. Help us to create habits so that we are checking in with You and leading a prayer-filled life. We need Your help each day. Amen. Hugs to you, Steph Whitely

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