God, Help Me Pause...

Posted by Steph Whitley on 06/03/2019


Yesterday, I drove my teenage son to a week long academy. He didn't know anyone else going and I told him "If your roommate does anything crazy or weird, text your Dad." Don't you love how I just passed this along to my husband?

We have four teens and when issues arise whether it's their grades, their choices, their friendships or their relationships, I have a tendency to overthink and sometimes overreact.

But when I pause for a long moment.....
I can ask the Lord for His guidance and wisdom.
I can consult with my husband and get a plan.
I can rehearse and choose my words carefully.
I am more likely to keep my feelings and emotions in check.
I am less likely to attempt to control my teen and put tension in our relationship.

There are times when the best solution is for me to say nothing to my teen and to keep praying.

God, when a parenting issue arises with our teens, help our initial reaction to be to process the issue with You. Amen.


Hugs, Steph

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