God, Help My Child Find Their Niche

Posted by Lori Merrill on 02/04/2020

We have tried A LOT of activities for the boys over the years. When my children were younger, I tried to keep in mind:
πŸ’›It’s okay to set the pace for our family.
πŸ’›It’s okay to take seasons off from activities. 
πŸ’›It’s okay to have seasons when you focus more on traveling/creating memories. 

We have found that it is important for a teen to have an interest by high school. When my oldest son approached high school, I was getting a little anxious because he had not found his niche. We starting praying months before his freshman year and he “just happened” to hear about a mountain bike team. He joined the team and competed for four years.

This really helped me to realize the importance of prayer in finding their niche. As I type this out, I’m asking the Lord to help my middle schooler find his special area of interest. 

God, each of our children are an original design with gifts and strengths. Help our children to find their niche and help us to provide opportunities along the way to develop their skills. We entrust our children into Your skilled, loving and good hands. Amen. 

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