God, Help Us See the Good Today

Posted by Steph Whitley on 08/30/2019

Two of my boys started a new middle school and one started a new high school. The reality is it is a challenging season for them. On our way to school, I was scrambling for the words to encourage them some way and I simply said "Look for a glimpse of God in your day, a positive, a gift." And we have been practicing this each day.  

To be honest, I didn't have this tool until my thirties. I simply was sleepwalking through my days unaware of God's hand. And after being in a difficult season myself, I learned to look for glimpses of God tucked in my day.  

There are gifts to be found in our mundane days.  
There are gifts be found even in our hard days. 

God, help us to slow down and look for glimpses of You today.

Tool: The tool that helped me the most during my difficult stretch was to keep a journal and write ten thanks a day.

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