God, Keep My Teen from Compromise

Posted by Steph Whitley on 04/01/2019

I have 3 teenagers and I am finding that parenting teens can make me a little anxious. I guess it's because I know my children are doing life in a world where temptations abound. And the decisions they make can impact the direction of their lives.

I tell my children often that God has a good, good plan for their lives. And I also remind them that they have an enemy (Satan) who wants to get them sidetracked and sidelined. 

Here are a few of my favorite prayers for teens.
1. God, help my child to grow in wisdom & discernment.
2. Help my teen to walk with the wise and take any ungodly influences out of his life.
3. Protect my child's heart and mind. Bring any secret sins to the light.
4. Help my child to recognize he is an original design with gifts and strengths to offer this world.
5. Guide my teen on the best path for his life and fulfill Your plans and purposes.

If our teens get into compromise, let's correct them with a firm consequence wrapped in grace and love.

Be looking for the new devotional for moms coming soon... "Daily Grace: Practical Tools and Prayers for Moms" by Steph Whitley.

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