God, Please Handpick a Friend for My Child

Posted by Steph Whitley on 09/09/2019

Maybe your child just started Kindergarten?
Maybe your child moved or changed schools?
Maybe your child's friend group is changing?

It is so hard to see our children lonely. We just moved and I am persisting in prayer for friendships for my boys. Over the years, I have seen the Lord's faithfulness regarding my children's friendships. Sometimes, it's not on my timeline, but I can trust that He is always working and orchestrating on their behalf. 

Prayer: God, please handpick a likeminded friend for my child. Give my child wisdom and discernment in choosing his/her friends. And please give my child the courage to keep reaching out and to keep initiating even when it's hard. Amen.

Tool: Maybe your child is shy or an introvert. Continue to dialogue with them about ways they can reach out to connect.

Does your child need extra prayer regarding friendships? Message us or comment below. Our team would love to pray. Hugs, Steph

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