Godly Influences For Our Husbands

Posted by Steph Whitley on 02/21/2020

When we were young marrieds, I quit working when we had our first child. And I said to my hubby, we have to go to community group. I need some friends. He was hesitate but followed a couple of weeks later. And this past year he was the one insisting we go to community group. 

Being around christian men had a greater impact on him than any of my words could. These men inspired him to open up God’s word more, these men inspired him to pray more, these men inspired him to be a better husband and father. 

Keep praying for God to bring godly influences and mentors into your husbands life. Even if you don’t have a community group, God can bring godly influences through his work or hobby. Keep praying and keep watching. And if you have been praying this for a long time may God renew your strength and hope once again.

God give my husband a tender heart towards You and Your Word. 
Bring godly influences into his life. 
Give him a mentor that encourages him and challenges him. 

Need extra prayers for your spouse, comment below or message us. 

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