Got a Summer Bible Study? Video Testimony with Leigh Ann Hudson

Posted by Stephanie Whitley on 05/24/2018


Hello friends! We want to invite you to take or host the Called to be a Keeper Bible study this summer. Listen as Leigh Ann shares how the study impacted her life as a single adult.

Why is it a great summer study?

    1. It can help us check our priorities before the busy fall season approaches.
    2. It can help keep us on track in our time with the Lord during the summer when it is easy to let priorities slide.  

Priorities are something we can all struggle with whether we are a:

    • student  
    • single adult
    • mom with little ones
    • empty nester
    • grandma

Other topics in the CTBK study include prayer, marriage and parenting. Many times, women open their homes to do this study with friends. Of course the study can be done in a church setting or even on your own.  

Here is a link to the video of Leigh Ann Hudson, CPLC Leadership & Teams Coach, and our Keepers Speaking Engagements/Website Director. She has taken the Called to be a Keeperstudy 3 times and you will hear how it impacted her life. 

Leigh Ann is a single adult who is passionate about women pursuing our beloved Lord and knowing all of God’s word, no matter what season of life or age they may be.

*You can read many more details and order the Called to be a KeeperBible study in our Keepers Shop.



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