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Posted by Lori Merrill on 11/12/2018

If I’m honest about my shortcomings, I don’t naturally have an “attitude of gratitude”. Yet, I desire to. So I am always looking for ways to strengthen this perspective in my life. It isn’t something that comes easily for me to share verbally either. With these two confessions, it’s obvious I need as much help as possible…thus the Gratitude Jar! This jar reminds me of yet another way to implement regular thankfulness for all the blessings in my life and the Lord’s goodness (See post about my Gratitude Journal on October 3rd). 

I have used this jar in a few different ways:

1. When we had couples over for dinner I had each one write something they are thankful for about their spouse (I told them no one else would see it) and then I had them take them home to share with each other later. 
2. Steve and I have written on the cards randomly and added to it, but because this takes being purposeful and is easy to forget, I came up with another plan (see #3). 
3. This month I have been writing one character trait that I love about Steve each day and I am adding it to the jar. If he doesn’t see this post, then I will surprise him with the jar at the end of 30 days. 😊

I think this would have been a great practice when my kids were growing up. So if your family needs help in this area, I encourage you to implement this “attitude of gratitude” in your home. 

Gratefully Yours,

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