Healthy Marriage Quiz

Posted by Lori Merrill on 03/06/2020

We all need health check ups, so why not a marriage check up?! We have a little quiz to help you do some self-reflection. Our hope is that these questions will support you in keeping your spouse your first earthly priority. Or, at the very least, give you some suggestions on how to immediately improve your marriage.

Let me give you a hint on just one of the questions to get you going: 
Do I greet him with a smile and a friendly welcome when I get home or when he comes in the door?

We pray this quiz will inspire you to make your marriage a priority and allow God to do a mighty work, no matter the state of your marriage right now. God is a Miracle-working God and He will respond to your prayers that are in alignment with His will. And marriage is important to Him.

You can click HERE to go straight to the quiz!

*All of these come from the principles we teach in the “Called to be a Keeper” Bible study. You can find the study in our shop @keepersministry

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