Help Me Be My Child's Loving Helper

Posted by Steph Whitley on 09/06/2019

Maybe you had a hard day with your child yesterday or maybe you are in a difficult stretch with your child. I get it. I really do. 

When I am in a challening season with one of my children, there are days...
-when I can parent with sternness or harshness.
-when I can become impatient or even weary.
-when I can sense my heart growing indifferent.

But the one tool that helps me to reset and get a fresh perspective is to whisper this prayer: "God, help me to be my child's loving helper". I spied this tool in the book Parenting/14 Gospel Principles by Paul Tripp.

This helps me to parent with more kindness & compassion.
This helps me to refrain from using comparison or shame tactics.
This helps me to keep a tender heart towards my child. 

Are you a little weary? May God renew your strength and equip you with strength for this season. May He give you wisdom and insight on how to parent your child. May He help you to be your child's "loving helper".  

Sweet mom, God handpicked you to parent this child. You are so loved.

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