Hope in the Lord

Posted by Steph Whitley on 12/19/2018

Sometimes I ask my four boys "Do you know how Christians are different?". Sometimes I get blank stares, sometimes I get a somewhat theological answer, & sometimes I get a hilarious comment. And then I share with them "Christians can walk through this life with HOPE". 

But here's the deal, there are days when discouragement can creep into my life and I can start to lose hope. So how do I capture hope again? I regain hope by whispering truths about God to my heart.  
Here are some of the truths I whisper to my heart...

~God is always good.
~God is good at being God.
~God is always working.
~God is often doing more than I think.
~God knows best.
~God can use it all--the good & the bad and He can orchestrate it all into something beautiful.

God, when we sense discouragement creeping into our lives, help us to fight for hope by whispering truths to our hearts. Amen. Hugs, Steph Whitley.

Preaching God's Word to our hearts increases our hope. Do you have a truth or verse to share?

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