How Am I Handling My Relationships?

Posted by Lori Merrill on 09/13/2019

Relationships. Spouse, children (young & adult), extended family, friends and neighbors...all of these can become difficult to know how to maneuver and to know if we are handling that relationship in a healthy & godly way. That’s why I loved reading these definitions by Jill Savage. They give me a barometer and guideline to examine how I am handling particular relationships. 

This quote came from Jill’s newest book, “Empty Nest, Full Life. I encourage you to read it if you soon will be an empty nester or if you already are in the midst of the empty nest years. You will blessed with a ton of godly wisdom! But, even if you aren’t in that season, don’t we all find encouragement in these definitions so we make sure we are living our healthiest—mental, emotional and spiritual life?! 
May you be blessed,
Lori Merrill

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