"How is your schedule?"

Posted by Steph Whitley on 12/30/2020

I like to look at my schedule every January and August. I guess it’s because I had a long stretch when I was overextended with my commitments and my family was not getting my best version. By the time they got home from work and school, I had used all of my mental energy on others. I was doing “good things” so I kept convincing myself that it was okay. When I began praying about my commitments, God gave me clarity on what to let go of regarding my schedule.

If I could have coffee with you today, I would gently ask you “How is your schedule? Are you weary? Can you make any changes”?

I want to provide us with some helps:

1/Let’s pause and pray before we add another commitment to our schedules.
2/Let’s ask ourselves “Can I add this and not add extra stress to my family”?
3/Let’s pray about what we can let go of when we are weary and over burdened.
4/Let’s remember we give our people a better version of us when we spend time with God, protect our schedules and practice self-care.
5/Let’s remember it is great to volunteer or do ministry but our family is our number one ministry.

*several of these points are taken from our Called to be a Keeper Study. Need a study for the new year? You should check out this study at www.KeepersMinistry.com/shop/

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