Husband: My #1 Human Priority

Posted by Steph Whitley on 10/09/2019

On a scale from 1-10 how are you doing with keeping your husband as your #1 human priority?

I know that I personally have to check myself often because I can get busy with my children and my commitments. 

Some practical ways to keep him as our #1 human priority include being his biggest cheerleader, his confidante, his encourager, his supporter, and his friend. (taken from the Called to be Keeper Bible Study by Lori Merrill)

God, help us to keep our husbands as our #1 human priority. Show us ways to bless his life each day. Amen.

Challenge: If you are feeling brave, ask your husband if he thinks he is your number one priority. This is always eye opening for me. Don't get defensive. : ) Listen to him.

Prayer Needs: If you need extra prayers for your marriage, comment or message us. 

To strengthen your marriage consider doing the Called to be a Keeper study. Countless women have shared that this study impacted their marriage greatly.

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